'Modern Baroque'
James Freeman Gallery, London

09/06/2022 - 09/07/2022

‘Modern Baroque’ is a contemporary take on the Baroque, its drama and its exuberance, explored through the work of two London-based artists: Daniel Hosego and Rebecca Stevenson.

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Vessels 1_edited.jpg

Rebecca Stevenson 'Two Vessels (Splendour in Darkness)', 2022 photo: Marianne Wie

'Delicate Pleasures / Zarte Freuden'

Fasanenschloessen / Little Pheasant Castle
Moritzburg, Germany

30/04/2022 - 30/10/2022

A solo exhibition by Rebecca Stevenson in the unique setting of the Moritzburg Fasanenschloessen. The Rococo fascination with novelty and the exotic, exemplified in the palace’s unusual wall coverings (feathers, straw, marquetry and silk) finds a contemporary correspondence in Stevenson’s practice. Objects reminiscent of those found in courtly wunderkammers and cabinets play on the idea of exoticism in contemporary visual culture, resulting in objects that are both serious and absurd, grotesque and beautiful.



'Object for a Wunderkammer #5' installation view

'TruffleHunt / Trüffelsuche'

postponed until Spring 2023

Kunstverein Wilhelmshoehe Ettlingen

"Truffle Hunt' invites ten artists to select ten other artists, with all twenty then showing together. This Germany-wide project kicks off in Wilhelmshoehe this summer.


Dead Nature_edited.jpg

Rebecca Stevenson, Dead Nature 2012 photo: Marianne Wie

Grinling Gibbons: Centuries in the Making

Bonhams, New Bond St, London

03/08/2021 - 27/08/2021

Compton Verney, Warwickshire

25/09/2021 - 30/01/2022

The remarkable life and legacy of Grinling Gibbons (1648-1721) is celebrated in this exhbition, part of a year-long series of events to commemorate the tercentenary of the most renowned British woodcarver of the 17th century, .’ The exhibition, created in partnership with the Grinling Gibbons Society, reveals the genius of this legendary sculptor and craftsman.


The influence of Gibbons is traced to the present day, with works by contemporary artists and designers including Phoebe Cummings, Rebecca Stevenson and Alexander McQueen.




Rebecca Stevenson, Heathen (detail), 2019 photo: Marianne Wie

Schloss Pillnitz & Museum of Applied Arts / State Art Collections, Dresden

14/08/21 - 30/10/21
'Artists' Conquest': Interventions by Margret Eicher, Luzia Simons, Rebecca Stevenson and Myriam Thyes.


Four contemporary artists respond to the historic interiors of Pillnitz Palace, renowned for its playful combination of baroque and chinoiserie style, as well as in the collections of the Museum of Applied Arts. Taking an approach that is at once affectionate, ironic, provocative and thoughtful, 'Artists’ Conquest’ aims to open up new ways of seeing and thinking and to challenge preconceptions about historic spaces. The artists’ interventions sharpen the mind and re-focus the vision, generating a new perspective on familiar forms.



Dreamer for web_edited.jpg

Rebecca Stevenson, 'Dreamers', installation view photo: Ben Walther

Rebecca Stevenson, Fete Galante, 2019 photo: Marianne Wie

50 Years of the Kraft Collection

KUNST ist immer eine Behauptung. SAMMELN auch. 50 Jahre Sammlung Kraft 

14.09.19 – 24.11.19 Kunstmuseum Villa Sanders, Cologne

Contemporary, modern, outsider and non-western art from the collection of Hartmut & Maria Kraft.

Sweet Shell.jpg

Rebecca Stevenson, 'Sweet Shell', 2004, wax, Kraft Collection.