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Press for Rebecca Stevenson:


Considering Art Podcast February 2024

Rebecca Stevenson, sculptor, talks to Bob Chaundy

Listen here

V&A Youtube Channel October 2023

'I cut into the layers and peeled them back like a surgeon': Rebecca Stevenson, Artist-in-Residence

Watch here


V&A Magazine, Issue 61, Summer 2023

'Bizarre Fascinations', by Alexander Morrison

View articlhere


Wax Fusion Issue VI, Spring 2022

'Sweet and Sinister', interview with Rebecca Stevenson

View article here


Saechsische Zeitung 14 May 2022

'Uppig und uberraschend', by Sven Gorner, photos by Norbert Millauer 

View article here


Ateliers D'Art April/May 2021

'Exuberance Vegetale', by Marie Lepasant View article here

London Design Academy 11/03/2020

Interview with Rebecca Stevenson at her solo exhibition 'Bacchanale', Collect 2020/James Freeman Gallery

Watch here 06/2020

'Flowering', by Francesca Londino View article here

Hi Fructose 24/10/2019

'The Recent Wax Sculptures of Rebecca Stevenson' , by Andy Smith View article here

Colossal 29/10/2019

'Transformation and Excess Explored in Heavily Decorated Wax Sculptures by Rebecca Stevenson' , by Laura Staugatis View article here

Flesh and Bone Magazine 04/2018

'Rebecca Stevenson', interview by Brandynn L Pope View article here

Press for 'B.A.R.O.C.K.':

Artist Interventions at Schloss Caputh and the Wunderkammer Olbricht, 2019

Sister Mag 08/04/2019

Interview with Margret Eicher about the exhibition 'B.A.R.O.C.K.' , by Carolin Kralapp View article here

Wall Street International 24/04/2019
'B.A.R.O.C.K.'  27 Apr — 18 Aug 2019 bei Me Collectors Room in Berlin, Deutschland 
View article 


ArtMapp 07/2019

'B.A.R.O.C.K.: Kunstlerische Interventionen von Margret Eicher, Luzia Simons, Rebecca Stevenson, Myriam Thyes, by Samuel Wittwer View PDF here 07/2019

The Return of the Baroque by the Hand of Four Women, by Mark Gisbourne View PDF here

Tagesspeigel 02/08/2019

'Wo Lara Croft Minerva trifft' , by Christiane Meixner View PDF here


Ceroplastics : The Art of Wax 

ed. Roberta Ballestriero, Owen Burke, Francseco Maria Galassi, pub. L'Erma di Bretschneider, Rome, 2019


Mark Gisbourne, Julia Rust, Samuel Wittwer, pub. Edition Cantz, 2019

Hey! Four Degrees Art

ed. Anne&Julien, Zoe Forget, pub. Ankama Editions, 2016

Queensize: Female Artists in the Olbricht Collection

Nicola Graef, Claudia Olbricht, Thomas Olbricht, Julia Rust, pub. Argo Books, Berlin, 2015

Zundstoff Dr Stefanie Dathe, pub. Museum Villa Rot, 2012

Lebenslust und Totentanz: Olbricht Collection

Wolfgang Schoppmann, Hans-Peter Wipplinger, pub. Kunsthalle Krems, 2010

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